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Tilted Home

There was a post recently about an artist that tries to make already stressful lives more stressful by inventing all sorts of weird things. One of these is a desk that has a built in conveyor belt system that dumps your stuff on the floor. This brought to mind an idea that I had a while ago. I'm a pile maker. Meaning, I tend to leave stuff on tables, counter tops, shelves - probably just like a lot of people out there. Of course I don't deal with the growing pile of stuff as it accumulates and before you know it, there's a big heap of crap I don't want to bother going through. And so I don't bother, and it grows even more. My idea is to make a home where most of the mess-gathering-surfaces are somewhat off kilter, tilted, slanted. Just enough so that if you put a phone bill on it, it would slide off onto the floor. If you tried to toss the clutter from your pockets onto the counter - hey presto! on the floor! All items would have to be put in their designated places (which would be flat of course -such as a drawer, filing cabinet, or closet) You could choose to keep certain areas flat (dinner table, coffee table, kitchen prep surfaces) or you could have special interactive plateware / cutlery / pots&pans etc that allow them to be used on the slanted surface (magnetic? interlocking? velcro?) The theory is that your home will stay much neater. Though I suppose instead of creating a crazy looking, custom built & expensive home like that, you could just clean your crap up every day. But who wants to do that - not me!

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Microwave Antics

I think it's quite interesting that on my microwave I can enter a time where the seconds portion exceeds 60 seconds. For example I can tell it to zap my hot dog for 4:89, or 5 min 29. Nothing really spectacular, but it does make microwaving a nuclear hot dog a bit more interesting. After you microwave a hot dog long enough, a transformation takes place in it's subatomic structure and it becomes a brand new tasty crunchy snack. Microwave a grape cut almost cut in half and you get a rising ball of flaming plasma. And of course, nuking a CD or DVD is always good for a spark.

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Bring on the Bots!

ComBots - Combat Robots, the largest fighting robot show in the world.: "Fighting Robots return to San Francisco". Dude, I'm so there.

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Since I've now thrown myself headlong onto to the crowded and uber-trendy blog bandwagon, it was inevitable that I would at some point wind up using Flickr. That time has come. I will be posting quick and dirty snapshots of typography to Flickr as my Typosnaps Series. The first of these is "Right to Pass", which documents the unusual embedding in property of a legal warning plaque.

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Mobile Monkeys

Mobile phones making a monkey out of Japanese Nobuo Masataka, a professor at the Kyoto University Primate Research Institute and author of the monster best seller "Keitai wo Motta Saru (Monkeys With Mobile Phones)," argues that the proliferation of mobile phones has got young Japanese making monkeys of themselves, aping the behavior patterns of chimpanzees.

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