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Beyond the RFP

Mini USA CEO Jim McDowell used some very unusual and non-traditional methods for choosing their new ad agency recently. I would imagine that they would be more satisfied with their result than if they had followed the standard operating procedure for agency selection.

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Getting Past the Bull

There's a funny citibank commercial with a guy on the phone trying to get through a voice-activated phone menu, and right as he's about to talk to a real person, he enters a tunnel and loses his phone connection. Well, if you've been in that situation,’s Paul English has a cheat sheet for cuting through the crap.

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Your Average Gamer

Take a game, and study the moves that a player takes to finish a level. You start seeing interesting patterns, and gain insight into the constraints placed upon a gamer and their available choices. Writer R. LeFeuvre has an article on a level of Gradius.
The average time taken to kill the end level boss was 20.055 seconds, with the fastest player finishing him off in a mere 10.01 seconds. Six people finished the boss off at nearly identical moments. It would seem that the boss, bored with the player, actually self-destructs after 27 seconds. Beyond the almost perfectly synchronized explosions, further proof of this self-destruction can be found in the videos: no 10,000 point bonus (given to players when the boss is defeated) was awarded to these six players and, in a few of the runs, the boss detonated when when there wasn't a single bullet near it.

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Nam June Paik [1932-2006]

Nam June Paik has passed away.

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Conference Coup

Someone at a conference I am attending mentioned a term that I thought was very witty and true. 'Conference Coup' is when a group of employees from a workplace go to a conference or forum, and get all fired up and excited about news paradigms and ideas and want to go back to their office and make all sorts of dramatic improvements that will redefine the company. Does it actually happen? Who knows...

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What’s your Best Buy sign?

Are you a Buzz, Barry, Ray or Jill? According to this Washington Post article, Best Buy is trying to create a custom shopping environment for certain select segments of its customers. One particular group, the Jills, are not-so-tech-savvy soccer mom types. If a Jill is spotted at one of the stores that is trying out this program, they are given extra special attention, and treated the way their 'type' would like to be treated. Escorted into the store with a pink umbrella, one-on-one help with products. It's a great marketing strategy. I'm a Buzz (the young tech enthusiast).

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mmm, what he said

--> FRUNOBULAND, el blog de Frunobulax y sus cazurros enmascarados . Crazy 'replicas' of artworks made out of piles of random junk. Pure genius. Good for the environment too!

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Interactive Waterfall

This interactive waterfall is a pretty neat idea. Installed in a children's hospital, as you walk past the screen, you leave a wake in your path. Neat-o.

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MIDI is on Control

FaderFox has released a new line of MIDI controllers that can be used for Ableton and Traktor (any device for that matter, I would imagine). These 80s-sexy white faced gizmos are chock-a-block with buttonz n faderz, and are just asking to have their boxez rockzered. Viva la MIDI!

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Tilt-Shift World

This photography technique called "Tilt-Shift", that BoingBoing had an article on is really crazy. It can make things look like miniature sets. I was really impressed with the site that has photos of areas of Japan. You'd swear they were really little miniature scenes! I wonder if anyone has shot a motion picture with this type of lens? The cool part is you can make your own cheap lens with an old camera lens and a toilet plunger. (Buy a new one for this project, please!)

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Defy Gravity in 10 Easy Steps

Defy Gravity in 10 Easy Steps ... or ... How to really confuse your party guests.

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Destruction in Motion

Again with the high speed photography. Some very nice looking images - looks like some people got together in their hotel room and shot a bunch of random things. Here are a bunch of other great hi-speed photos for your enjoyment. Please note Atari sm124 monochrome monitor getting obliterated.

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All your MIDI are Belong to Us!

I am... Locutus of BOOOOORG!! Uh.. yeah. Perhaps the Borg were simply really advanced human musicians trying to write a really hardcore jungle track. The Gipsy Motion Capture Midi Controller lets you translate your body movements into midi messages, creating all sort of exciting compositions. This is not some art project or exhibit piece... it's a serious product. Get one now! But don't be surprised if you get assaulted by Trekkies flinging Borg jokes. Videos are funny.

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Watching You Watching Me

The search for a new wrist timepiece is on again. While the ever ubergeeky binary watch is still in the running, this understated chunky DKNY Square Digital Watch sure is looking good! It's got some of that retro yummyness without the gaudy metal, requisite LED matrix, and weird doo-dads.

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Beat the Netflix Heat

Wanna get your Netflix "Very Long Wait" DVD to ship now? Lifehacker has some tips on how to expedite your vid fix. Me? I'm still waiting........

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