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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Breaks DJ Seeks Multiple MP3s

The breaks I spin really give me the uncontrollable urge to crossfade, tweak, and generally muck around with the mixer. So my initial reaction to my friend Rigpa's laptop/mp3/midi rig was "UGH! How can I mix with that thing??" Well, OK, I admit the setup is pretty good - a midi controller setup to operate a software based mixer playing mp3s through two stereo channels of a pcmcia sound card. If you replaced the more traditional midi controller with a more DJ mixer style device, or better yet a DJ mixer that also sends midi commands, that would be sweet. Though I'm not really sure why you'd go to all this trouble instead of just popping CDs into a pair of CDJs. Well, it's always fun to play around with technologies. Click here for my DJ Spyhunter site - lots of breaks mp3 tracks, downloads & mix sets.


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