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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Route Hints

Waiting for the 'white man' to let you cross the street sucks. When you walk a certain route a lot, you start to learn the tricks to certain intersections - when you can safely cross even though the light is against you. I wonder if there is a niche for gathering this kind of expertise/experience based data from pedestrians (perhaps drivers also?) and mapping it online. My thought is that it would be most effective as guerilla signage - publish a set of PDFs with RouteHints that people can print to stickers and paste up in good spots for others to navigate by. For example, "Cross After -->" would indicate it's safe to cross once there are no more vehicles going through intersection from left to right. Of course, I would feel terrible if someone got hit by a car when using an incorrect posting, so I'm not gonna be the brave one to start this guerilla scheme....


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