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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Wendy's gets Square

For someone that never eats at Wendy's, they sure do take up much of my brain-space. I visited the Good to be a Square site and thought it was pretty fun. Of course, as it turns out I'm about 6 months behind the rest of the world in seeing the viral marketing distributed Square movie. It's not my fault though, the Square ad campaign only recently reached me! I think the "Square's School of Music" is good for a few minutes of fun. Now, in conection to my other post about Wendy's slyness - I just noticed a line in the Square song that takes a direct stab at Burger King and McDonalds :

It takes flair to be a square
to walk around with no hair
I'm bold, yes I swear
to be the only single square
because it's better than being round or being a king or a clown
it takes flair to be square
to be hardcore enough to dare
to be made the way you like
to be juicy
to be fresh
to be BEEFY
is the best


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